EVGENIA ZIMA, the creator and artistic director of the "Music in the Dark" project, received a conservatory education, played at major academic venues, performed with her own jazz band. Creative versatility, unconditional love for music, courage and open-mindedness allowed Evgenia to find and implement an unprecedented format of immersing the listener in the world of timeless pieces of classical music.


Having wide academic experience, Evgenia Zima gathered a unique team of professionals, who formed the ensemble "Virtuosos of St. Petersburg". The best musicians of the country under the guidance of Evgenia, united by the idea of taking the listener to the higher spheres of perception of classical Music outside of time and space, started to perform the most challenging chamber, symphonic music in complete darkness. This is the beginning of the story of one of the most beautiful and complex musical projects in the world, which managed to make a huge sensation in the music sphere - the project "Music in the Dark".

The project "Music in the Dark" is unique in its complexity. It combines a most complicated performance of works of great composers in complete darkness with the use of modern technologies. It is the only multimedia show that immerses the viewer into the world of perfect harmony of music by Bach, Vivaldi, Verde, Bellini, Foret, Ravel, Piazzolla and enhances the perception of beauty in every facet. The combination of virtuosity of the performers and stunning visual effects creates a truly unique atmosphere, turning the listeners into viewers, taking them to cosmic dimensions, where only music and starlight can reach.

Behind the massive success of the project there are countless rehearsal sessions: only the best musicians can play a most complicated concert program in complete darkness, without seeing the notes, without any eye contact with other performers. It was passion, inspiration and commitment to the success of the project that rallied the team of "Virtuosos of St. Petersburg". Simultaneously, Evgenia Zima worked diligently to enhance the quality of the project, inviting the soloists of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theaters to participate in the shows. The ensemble progressed professionally and the project gained momentum: dozens of performances at major venues such as the Oktyabrsky Grand Concert Hall, a number of unique programmes, and many enthusiastic fans both in Russia and abroad.

The visual side of the project "Music in the Dark" is backed by superb direction, thought out down to the tiniest detail, and the use of such modern technologies as mapping, generative graphics, 3d motion design, laser and light show.


"Music in the Dark" is not just an ambitious project that has no analogues in the music market, but a whole history of the modern approach to immersing the listener in the fragile world of harmony of sound and light. The history that develops and expands the limits of perception of the beautiful and its own geography thanks to the tireless creative work of Eugene Winter and the "Virtuosi of Petersburg".

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