"Let the music sound in the dark": in Pskov sold-out show by EVGENIA ZIMA

Many people were waiting for this show in Pskov. Those who visited it in BKZ in March of this year. Those who were told about this show visited it, so much so that the impressed listeners regretted that they did not join them then, in the beginning of spring. And even those who somewhere heard something, but did not understand the show? musicians play in the dark? Classic? Without the music? Still dancing? Come on, that's impossible! And now - Friday, November 9, room for Nekrasova on the dark curtain of the stage shining star scattering, the silhouette of a violin and the words - "Music in the dark. Author of the project Eugene Winter". In the stalls-Apple nowhere to fall, in the midst of consultation with neighbors on how to turn off the sound on the phone, the cautious rustle of flower packages. The third bell, the light goes out, the voice of the speaker asks "to turn off all his feelings, except hearing, to stop the run of time, to feel here and now" - and in the hall, in the darkness, in the soul of each quietly and easily enters her Majesty Music. *** There is nothing impossible - it is proved by the show wonderful artists. And while skeptics seek out technical devices that allow you to play in complete darkness, while experts talk about the sound and nuances of intonation, musicians create (and even sometimes get up). Of course, to create the impossible, it took a lot of time and effort, but the main thing - a magical coincidence, thanks to which were able to meet in one project talented musicians ("virtuosos of St. Petersburg", the participant of the project "Voice" Ilya Rimar, soprano Larisa Bashkatova), dancers (finalists of the project "Dancing on TNT" Dmitry Oleynikov and Ekaterina Sergeeva), graphic designers (3D-graphics project created by Maxim Shipachev, one of the best 3D-designers in Russia). The result is a unique cocktail of computer graphics, mapping, video installations, live filming of the universe and eternal classical music. Add to that modern dance, dramatization and billions of constellations flickering in the dark - the perfect recipe for "Music in the dark" is ready. And then the magic begins - the one mentioned by Kant: "Two things fill the soul with always new and more powerful wonder and awe, the oftener and longer we reflect on them, is the starry sky above me and the moral law inside me." Of the myriad stars, vzbivayte up, a new love, a new life with all its UPS and downs, joys and difficulties, losses and meetings. Music is changing, Bach is inferior to Vivaldi, Vivaldi-Bizet, which suddenly turns into jazz improvisation - no, it seemed, it's still a classic. Verdi, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Bocelli - still did not seem to go to jazz and new age-"Romeo and Juliet" Nino Rota, Guarda che luna... At actors microphones break, strings are torn – but they continue to play as if submitting to the invisible force connecting them in one. Music is circling, stars, worlds are circling, new universes and new lives are disappearing and catching fire. By touch, at the fingertips, feeling every breath and exhalation, the viewer merges with the musicians-and suddenly, at some point, suddenly realizes that the person about whom this music and these artists are telling is himself. And this is probably the main discovery of "Music in the dark". *** Saying goodbye to the audience Pskov BKZ, the author of the project Eugene Winter admitted: "the Idea and mission of the project" Music in the dark " - to people heard the best music. And it sounds best in the dark. So you can hear everything that comes from within." Judging by how friendly Pskov supported her request to say the phrase "Let the music sound in the dark" for the video in Instagram, the guests of the show really heard the very essence of the music, her soul. The musicians of the project did not remain in debt: the encore sounded incendiary, sparkling Neapolitan song "funicular". "Music in the dark" is a show-anticipation that does not deceive. With all the power of sincerity it comes true. And promises new exciting discoveries. Source: Pskov News https://pln-pskov.ru/artkonc/327994.html

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